15163: Conserving and building rangeland biodiversity through targeted landscape interventions

    This project seeks to enhance natural resources and ecosystem services by promoting methods of sustainable pastoral land management aimed at building rangeland biodiversity through reducing; runoff, erosion and sedimentation; and improving perennial vegetation, ground cover and water quality.

    On-ground works will implement landscape management components of station Ecologically Sustainable Rangeland Management plans.  Ponding banks will be constructed in multiple locations across the stations, towards the head waters of sub-catchments, on degraded plains and to address specific erosion problems. They will give both local and catchment wide effects by spreading water and slowing velocity, thus reducing erosion and holding nutrient in the landscape.
    Sediment structures will also slow and spread water. In addition to slowing water, they are designed to capture suspended sediment and debris that would otherwise cause downstream sedimentation. This will lead to reduced erosion and cleaner water supplied to the catchment.  Both ponding banks and sieve structures will improve bio-diversity by enhancing vegetative communities through improving growing and natural recruitment conditions. To assist with the establishment of new vegetation, several erosion sites will be revegetated by direct seeding using local native species.

    Investment: $ 17 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 49 300
    Delivery organisation: Upper Gascoyne Land Conservation District Committee
    Project duration: February 2016 - December 2016
    Location: Shire of Upper Gascoyne

    Major project achievements

    • Construction of ponding banks and sediment filter structures
    • Seeding with local provenance seed
    • Protection of creek riparian zones
    • Workshop group learning
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