15167: Eradication of prohibited organism water hyacinth in the Serpentine River

    Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is an invasive species and has been identified as a Weed of National Significance.  Its propensity to easily spread means that its control needs to be strategic and immediate. Without its control, there is risk of:

    • Blocking irrigation channels and rivers
    • Restricting livestock access to water.
    • Destroying natural wetlands.
    • Changing the temperature, pH and oxygen levels of water.
    • Altering the habitats of aquatic organisms.
    • Restricting recreational use of waterways.
    • Reducing water quality from decomposing plants.
    • Destroying fences, roads and other infrastructure when large floating rafts become mobile during flood events, and
    • Destroying pastures and crops when large floating rafts settle over paddocks after flood events.

    An aerial weed control operation is being undertaken by land managers of the infested area within the Birega Drain and Lower Serpentine River. In addition, this project will carry out  surveillance and follow up manual removal; and aerial surveillance using drone photography.

    Investment: $ 16 812
    In-kind contribution: $ 31 932
    Delivery organisation: Landcare SJ
    Project duration: March 2016 - March 2018
    Location: Shire of Murray, Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, City of Rockingham

    Project partners

    Department of Agriculture and Food WA

    Keralup Aboriginal Inc

    Water Corporation

    Project contact details

    Landcare Serpentine Jarrahdale

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