15169: Blue Gum Lake Habitat and Biodiversity Enhancenment

    This project will continue to expand on previous revegetation efforts of Blue Gum Lake funded by SALP. Blue Gum Lake is a seasonal wetland and important habitat for many wetland birds including migratory waders and the Oblong Turtle (Chelodina oblonga). Blue Gum Lake Reserve also has a relatively intact Banksia Woodland that transitions into the wetland.

    Much of the periodically inundated areas of the lake has been heavily infested with thick mats of feral grasses. This project will brush cut a new section of the lake and follow up with weed control and then revegetate with native seedlings. A stand of feral casurinas will be removed, which if left will continue to expand and degrade the reserve. This project will work closely with the Friends of Booragoon and Blue Gum lake continuing their development and supporting them with technical support and advice.

    Investment: $ 18 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 93 385
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Center for Urban Landcare
    Project duration: January 2016 - October 2017
    Location: City of Melville

    Major project achievements

    • Brush cutting and chemical treatment of couch grass.
    • Planting: The section of the lake where the couch grass was controlled was planted out mostly with native sedges such as Juncus pallidus and Baumea juncea along with native trees to try establish more canopy cover on the lake. Baumea articulata was planted using metal pegs this year to help prevent the swamp hens pulling them out like the previous year.
    •  Weed Control: Weed control was completed on time and mainly consisted of the quarterly general weed spray of the site along with the yearly treatment with a grass selective. The work for the dole also completed numerous hand weeding sessions to supplement this work.
    • Feral Casurina removal: This work was contracted out to Natural Areas Management was successful in removing a large stand of feral Casuarinas located at the eastern side of the lake
    • Continued collaboration and support with the Friends of Booragoon and Blue Gum Lakes

    Project partners

    City of Melville

    Friends of Booragoon and Blue Gum Lake

    Project contact details

    South East Regional Center for Urban Landcare

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