15171: Hollis Link landscape connectivity restoration

    The area referred to as 'Hollis Link' is approximately 2.7 hectares of degraded land connecting Clontarf Hill and the coastal reserve at South Beach.  Revegetating this site is a recommendation of the report "Towards establishing a green network: vegetation connectivity modelling - testing the effectiveness of a proposed green network for the South West Group member Local Governments" (WALGA Local Biodiversity Program); and is consistent with the priority sites identified in the City's 2020 Green Plan (December 2015), adopted by Council on 16 December 2015.

    Friends of Hollis Park is an unincorporated community movement formed to initiate the restoration of Hollis Link. This group has operated independently of the City to revegetate a portion of the site and have planted 2,500 plants in 2014 and 5000 plants (1,890 trees including 700 Tuarts) plus 20 grass trees donated by a local business in 2015. SERCUL provided support to the Friends of Hollis Park to coordinate the 2015 planting day and a portion of follow-up weed control.

    The project will result in a management plan for Hollis Link, that includes a site plan and supporting works programs, developed with the Friends of Hollis Park and interested community members through facilitated participatory planning workshops. The workshops will have the technical expertise of an environmental landscape designer to ensure that the resulting plan is realistic in achieving biodiversity and recreation outcomes with long-term management capacity.

    The participatory planning process will also assist in focussing the Friends of Hollis Park and strengthening the volunteer group to contribute to its viability. This will afford the members the capacity to continue to engage with the City in a meaningful way and implement a coordinated works program.

    Investment: $ 6 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 78 060
    Delivery organisation: City of Fremantle
    Project duration: December 2015 - February 2017
    Location: City of Fremantle

    Major project achievements

    • Planted a further 1,570 local native species to support the restoration of bushland habitat and connect the coast to a Perth NRM regional ecological linkage.
    • Bird species, including the Rainbow Bee-eater and Baudin's Cockatoo, have been observed from the project site.

    Project partners

    Friends of Hollis Park

    South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare

    Project contact details

    City of Fremantle

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