15174: Restoration of wetland habitat at Bibra Lake

    The project focus was on restoring native riparian vegetation that has been lost due to weed invasion and previous poor land use such as grazing. Bibra Lake is a Bush Forever site (244) and is listed under wetlands of importance for migratory birds and supports threatened species.  The restoration project will improve habitat values throughout the reserve by reducing weed loads within a 0.5ha section of the reserve. The City of Cockburn and the Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre )CWEC) has undertaken revegetation activities witin a neighbouring 0.6Ha portion and to ensure the overall success of the revegetation it is critical to continue the revegetation efforts.

    The project seeks to remove the 100% weed cover within the site using herbicide and mechanical means, and then undertake planting using local native species to revegetate the site. Planting will use species propagated on site through seed collection undertaken by volunteers and propagated in the CWEC nursery plus additional numbers purchased through accredited nurseries. Follow up maintenance post planting will include hand weeding and chemical weed control throughout the site. Greenstock manitenance and feral animal control will also be undertaken. Monitoring and evaluation will be undertaken throughout the course of the project.   Community capacity building events will include seed collection workshop on wetland species and guided indigenous walk will be delivered as part of the project.

    Investment: $ 10 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 99 210
    Delivery organisation: City of Cockburn
    Project duration: July 2016 - September 2017
    Location: City of Cockburn

    Major project achievements

    • Removal of 0.5 Ha of exotic grass and Spearthistle
    • Engaged with local community members on activities
    • Engaged with Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre Volunteers to grow local provenance species
    • Engaged with Green Army participants to undertake landcare activities at the site
    • Engaged with corporate volunteers to undertake activities at the site
    • Promoted planting events at the site
    • Hosted education events at the site
    • Planting 15,000 native tubestock at the site.

    Project partners

    Cockburn Wetlands Education Centre

    Conservation Volunteers

    Project contact details

    City of Cockburn

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