15176: Trees of the Rising Sun

    This is a 'trees and fences' project which will involve fencing areas for stock exclusions and planting a large number of trees across a wide area by highly capable and committed property owners. There are also two public sites, Lake Ewlyamartup and Coblinine Nature Reserve, which provide opportunities for volunteer activity.  Coblinine Nature Reserve represents a new opportunity to create volunteer opportunities on public land that has a wide range of benefits. Seed collection, drying, and propagation workshops can be built into this revegetation project, and is the starting point for a strong collaboration between Katanning Landcare and Department of Parks and Wildlife to improve the Coblinine River system.

    As with all Landcare projects, there are multiple benefits. The primary outcome on private property is stock exclusion and habitat plantings for biodiversity benefits. Further benefits include reduced waterlogging and salinity affect, reduced wind and water erosion, habitat connectivity, and soil health benefits. On public land, the environmental benefits are the same, but come with the added bonus of community collaboration, pride and upskilling.

    Across seven sites, landholders will collectively erect 6.96 km of stock proof fencing to a high minimum standard, and plant 20,146 native seedlings, protecting and revegetating more than 56 hectares of land.
    Investment: $ 30 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 96 158
    Delivery organisation: Katanning LCDC
    Project duration: April 2016 - April 2017
    Location: Shire of Katanning

    Major project achievements

    • 6.58km of fence erected to protect 30ha of remnant vegetation and new plantings
    • 20,120 native seedlings over 23ha
    • Two key community planting dayes were held: one at Lake Ewlyamartup and one at Coblinine Reserve, with 15 community members contributing their time to planting these important locations.

    This project re-engaged landholders who have previously done Landcare work, but haven't in the last few years. This year they were inspired to undertake significant works, and many have applied for future funding

    Project partners

    Department of Parks and Wildlife

    Shire of Katanning

    Project contact details

    Katanning LCDC

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