15178: Protection and enhancement of biodiversity in Yoongarillup and Ambergate Reserve

    The majority of Yoongarillup reserve is covered by threatened ecological communities (TECs)  including the federally listed claypan, SCP07 (Herb rich saline shrublands in clay pans), SCP02 (Southern wet shrublands, Swan Coastal Plain) and the eastern section is SCP01B (Corymbia calophylla woodlands on heavy soils of the southern Swan Coastal Plain). The reserve also contains ten priority threatened species and provides a refuge for fauna from the extensively cleared agricultural areas surrounding the reserve. 

    In order to preserve the condition of these TECs it is intended that the project will address Phytophthora Dieback management in the reserve treating iconic species and areas of intact vegetation in association with restricting vehicle access within the reserve. A weed control program based on weed mapping undertaken in 2015 will also be utilised to target priority weeds within the reserve. Revegetation of two cleared sections within the reserve is proposed to increase the resilience and biodiversity of these areas.  This project aims to map weed distribution over the 75 hectare reserve in order to develop a strategic weed control program for future implementation.

    Investment: $ 39 207
    In-kind contribution: $ 21 731
    Delivery organisation: Geographe Catchment Council (GeoCatch)
    Project duration: April 2016 - March 2017
    Location: Yoongarillup and Ambergate

    Major project achievements

    Yoongarillup Reserve:

    • 4.5ha of selective weed control from weed mapping undertaken in 2015
    • Pre- planting weed control and site preparation (ripping) of revegetation zones
    • Revegetation of 0.5ha
    • Installation of 60m section of Kangaroo proof fencing and rabbit netting on southern revegetation zone - Rabbit baiting program and release of RHVD virus
    • Follow up weed control and watering of revegetation zones

    Ambergate reserve:

    • Weed mapping of entirety of Ambergate reserve and development of mapping report and species distribution shape files

    Project partners

    Busselton Naturalist's Club

    City of Busselton

    Project contact details


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