15185: Restoration Of the Yule Brook Foreshore

    The Yulebrook Foreshore will benefit from ongoing restoration works to increase habitat, flora and fauna biodiversity and improvement in water quality. The link will connect with the Beckenham Open Space projects and linkage to the Canning River Regional Park. It is hoped with an Intergraded weed management (IWM) approach weed density will decrease. The reduction of the weed density in the Yulebrook will allow both natural recruitment from remnant vegetation and increase survival rates for plantings.
    The work undertaken for this project will link with other current/previous SALP and State NRM projects,Currently State NRM grant is focusing on ongoing weed control and restoration of the fringing vegetation with the outer boundary of the Yulebrook been restored.   An IWM will combine manual weed control in areas where chemical application is unsuitable e.g. sedged areas or waterlogged areas.  Chemical control will be in accordance with the herbicides MSDS sheets. Application of both IWM will be by qualified SERCUL staff trained in herbicide application and native species identification.  With the help of SERCUL, local community, Conservation Volunteers Australia replanting will commence in with wetland species in (August-September) due to water levels inhibiting planting in wetter areas.
    Investment: $ 20 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 35 415
    Delivery organisation: South East Regional Center for Urban Landcare
    Project duration: February 2016 - July 2017
    Location: Beckenham, Perth
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