15196: Bannister Creek Urban Waterways Renewal: Maintenance Project

    In 2010 the Federal, State and local government formed a partnership to undertake major restoration works to the Bannister Creek being the Bannister Creek Urban Waterways Renewal project. This site was selected due to the fact that the Bannister Creek was identified by the former Swan River Trust as one of eight priority catchments in the Swan -Canning River Catchment as contributing a high level of nutrients and other pollutants such as heavy metals to the River system.   This project involved major earthworks to reshape and realign the Creek; intensive weed control, the installation of approximately 100,000 local native plants; and the installation of 5 riffle structures with 3 containing iron enriched wood chip to aid in the removal of nutrients from the waterway. 

    The Bannister Creek Catchment Group has been a partner in the project since its inception and has played a vital role in involving the local community in its activities such as clean ups, planting and weeding, and water monitoring.   Due to the major disturbances of the earth works and the like, weed management is still a significant requirement to prevent further weed encroachment and to promote the establishment of native plant species. Some infill planting will also assist in improving the ecological value of the site and suppressing weed growth. Addressing these issues now will reduce the total cost of weed management in comparison with dealing with the weeds in the future and will also help to protect the substantial initial investment already made. 

    Investment: $ 18 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 38 115
    Delivery organisation: Bannister Creek Catchment Group
    Project duration: March 2016 - June 2017
    Location: City of Canning
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