15197: Restoration through weed control at Wireless Hill Reserve

    This project will continue the manual control of weeds in the bushland at Wireless Hill. Grants obtained in the past have been used to employ professional part-time contractors to assist the Friends of Wireless Hill to remove weeds from this area. An agreement with the City of Melville that the bushland in the best condition will not be sprayed for weed control but managed instead by hand weeding has resulted in the return of native grasses to this area and the regeneration of vegetation along path edges.
    The City has now extended this no-spray area to include the adjoining area to the east. Extending the hand weeding to the adjoining area is expected to assist the conservation of orchids in this area. The original no-spray area is much larger than the new area but the weeds have been largely controlled and can be managed by the Friends with help from the contractors one day a fortnight. The new area, while smaller, has a higher density of weeds and will require more intensive work to bring them under control.
    Investment: $ 19 720
    In-kind contribution: $ 45 900
    Delivery organisation: Friends of Wireless Hill
    Project duration: April 2016 - June 2017
    Location: City of Melville
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