15203: Lower Hay Sleeman River Sydney Golden Wattle Project: Stage 2

    This project addressed the threat of Sydney Golden Wattle (Acacia longifolia), a critical environmental weed of regional significance, currently spreading in distribution in the Lower Wilson Inlet catchment. These works targeted strategic Sydney Golden Wattle infestations whose eradication would prevent further spread of this serious environmental weed in the lower Wilson Inlet catchment.   This project provided follow up on previous Sydney Golden Wattle weed control works undertaken by the Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee in March-May 2015 by providing 3.3 Hectare of follow up treatment and 75.9 Hectare of primary treatment. 79.2 Hectare was treated in total.

    The method of weed control was appropriate for the size and location of the Sydney Golden Wattle plant. Where possible, small saplings were hand pulled. Larger trees were treated with the basal bark spray or drill method, using Access at 20ml/litre of diesel, or cut with a chainsaw.

    Investment: $ 11 300
    In-kind contribution: $ 6 880
    Delivery organisation: Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee
    Project duration: May 2016 - September 2016
    Location: City of Albany
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