15209: Cape Tulip control and eradication in Bush Forever 325

    The invasive South African bulb, one-leaf Cape Tulip (Moraea flaccida), a Declared Weed in WA, is invading the rich coastal heath vegetation of Bush Forever 325 site at Iluka. The density of Cape Tulip along the eastern edge of the reserve is so great that the bulbs form dense, thick mats in the soil that choke out native vegetation. Previous experiments by the City of Joondalup of spraying Cape Tulip with Metsulphuron resulted in the death of native shrubs in the test sites. Our project will continue to remove Cape Tulip, Gladiolus caryophyllaceus and other invasive weeds by hand. Most of the work is in and under dense heath and will be carried out by a skilled hand-weeding contractor. Volunteers will hand weed in more open areas along the Silver Sands path and Burns Beach Rd, and will continue to map the distribution and density of the weeds using GPS.

    Investment: $ 11 860
    In-kind contribution: $ 7 022
    Delivery organisation: Friends of North Ocean Reef - Iluka Foreshore
    Project duration: June 2016 - December 2016
    Location: City of Joondalup
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