15226: Bushcarers Priority Weed Control Initiative for Albany 2015-2016

    This project was a great success with outcomes exceeding expectations in regard to both area covered for environmental weed control (243.6ha in total) and the engagement of the community at 'busy bee' events (23 events in total). The grant funding has meant that significant populations of local, regional and National priority environmental weeds have been controlled leading to reduced threats to the region's biodiversity values. As this weed threat has been reduced it is allowing local native vegetation to re-establish and improve in condition - typically from 'Poor' to 'Good' and even in many areas improving to an 'Excellent' condition.

    There has been in increase in knowledge and skills within volunteers, contractors who undertook the work and City of Albany staff which is all contributing to the better management of the region's bushland.

    Investment: $ 52 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 52 000
    Delivery organisation: Bushcarers Group Inc.
    Project duration: March 2016 - November 2016
    Location: City of Albany
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