15229: Visitor Information Signs

    Formerly a farming property, the land was purchased by the Friends for the primary purpose of protecting the diversity of plant species represented across the 511ha by creating the Twin Creeks Conservation Reserve.  The secondary purpose of purchase was to create a public reserve to educate visitors about these rich flora communities which can be studied along the several walking trails through the Reserve. The current trails are basically our firebreaks and each of the 5 trails has a small brochure to guide walkers and illustrates the flora species which may be seen along the route.  In the next 18 months we will be able to construct some new, more interesting trails into the bush with the help of the Green Army (through OHCG), targeting specific plant communities and areas of interest to visitors. With a new trail layout we can avoid areas of dieback (already mapped on the property), tell some of the local recent history and older indigenous history and put in small signs along the way identifying plants and their aboriginal importance.

    Back at the main public use parking area, we have an information board shelter. It has 4 large sections of display space which we can set up as both static and rotating signage. On one side we would like to have a large air photo of the Reserve, overlain with a grid system so visitors can write about interesting sightings of plants or animals they've found on the blackboard next to the photo. On the other side will be interchangeable signs about the aboriginal calendar with plants and animals associated with each season. The 4th section will be about the Reserve itself, how it was initiated and its importance in protecting the bush, educating people and providing an additional recreational venue to the Porongurup region.  At several other sites in the Reserve we will erect some signs describing the revegetation projects that have taken place and are currently taking place on the Reserve. 

    Investment: $ 7 300
    In-kind contribution: $ 5 400
    Delivery organisation: Friends of the Porongurup Range Assoc., Inc
    Project duration: November 2015 - May 2017
    Location: Shire of Plantagenet
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