15231: Greenbushes Discovery Centre Mining Heritage Walk Weed Project

    The Greenbushes Eco Cultural Discovery Centre Committee, as managers of a suite of walk trails in the Greenbushes State Forest, used manual and chemical methods to remove weed species from the Mining Heritage Walk Trail.Contract labour and volunteers including Green Army Bunbury completed the work.The weeds targeted included Cytisus proliferus, Vinca major, Rubus fruticosus aggregate and Watsonia meirana and other weed species. The majority of the weeds were located along the trail itself demonstrating the impact of the "edge effect" threat to native bushland. The Discovery Centre also sought to raise awareness of weeds with a guided forest walk and participation in a public workshop on weeds in conjunction with the Blackwood Basin Group. A Weed Survey and Map created as part of the project will be a valuable resource for the community.

    Investment: $ 7 250
    In-kind contribution: $ 3 700
    Delivery organisation: Greenbushes Eco Cultural Discovery Centre
    Project duration: March 2017 - November 2016
    Location: Shire of Bridgetown-Greenbushes
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