15235: Investigating and Improving the Health of Chittering Lakes

    The Chittering and Needonga Lake System is a National Wetland of Significance, a major breeding area for one of the largest colonies of Great Egret (Egretta alba) in WA. The wetland system has unique fringing vegetation of closed-forest and scrub, a good example of a brackish lake situated within a river, one of the few in the bioregion.

    Recent studies have confirmed significant fox predation of the long-necked turtle in the local lake system and further development surrounding the lakes has contributed to further loss of ecological integrity to the wetland system. 
    A sound, scientifically based management plan written by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions was produced using the information from a macroinvertebrate study, a fringing vegetation survey and a water quality survey. Management actions are identified to reduce feral animals and weeds, improve the ecosystem values of the lake and protect breeding of Great Egrets and tortoise.


    Key achievements of this project are;

    • a macroinvertebrate study of the Chittering-Needoonga Lake system,
    • a fringing vegetation survey, including weed survey,
    • a water quality survey. 
    • a Management Action Plan identifying key actions to enhance the condition of the 
    wetland and protect breeding birds and tortoises.
    • Feral animal control (foxes) and
    • Weed control.

    Investment: $ 30 880
    In-kind contribution: $ 21 000
    Delivery organisation: Investigating and Improving the Health of Chittering Lakes
    Location: Chittering, Shire of
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