15237: Community Control Weeds along King River and adjacent 'wattle island'

    This project continues on from the successful community program that has been functioning with and without funding since 2005. The experience to date has proven that funding enables the volunteer community to build on their foundational volunteer busy bee weeding activities by providing resources to tackle the most difficult infestations and then integrated and supported with public information events to inspire and motivate. 

    In this way and to date the target weeds in the area have been tackled in a strategic manner that has used the two fold approach of action on the ground with informative and inspirational information sessions such as aquactic and bird surveys and social evenings with guest scientific speakers.

    The other component of the success of the work to date has been the involvement of students from the Centre for Resource Management (CENRM), UWA Albany Campus in developing monitoring activities and study reports. This project aims to expand this contribution.

    In addition to repeating this successful formula a fundamental activity of this project will be a major weed control assult on the most prevalent site of Sydney Golden Wattles in the area - the Wattle Island, that is privately owned and bordered by tributaries and rocks and adjoins the riparian area. This has only been possible by the relentless peer pressure, (absentee landholder will provide cash contribution) as well as the local government cooporation (bushcare team).

    the project will also provide an opportunity to celebrate a decade of achievement with a Wonders, Weeds and Wire (or given a different name this year) Autumn event

    Raise awareness through coordinated information, weed control events and signage of the multiple threats posed by key weeds in semi-rural riparian area of the King River. 

    Investment: $ 20 500
    In-kind contribution: $ 42 500
    Delivery organisation: Oyster Harbour Catchment Group Inc
    Location: City of Albany
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