15431: Building Digital Capacity for Community Landcare

    The project will develop a system for Wheatbelt/Avon NRM information to be managed and supplied in formats that are compatible with other cross regional and state level data management systems, such as those provided by GRID. The GRID system has been adopted by the majority of WA regional NRM organisations, capturing key data relating to NRM activity across sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and coastal management themes.

    This system will enable spatial and non-spatial information to be collected, managed and reported on that describes NRM activity in the Wheatbelt/Avon NRM region, including on-ground and extension activities. The system will be developed with input from key NRM stakeholders in the region and will incorporate data from past projects delivered in the region.

    A key outcome of this project will be the identification of opportunities for collating and reporting NRM activity at cross regional or State scales. By collecting data for the Avon/Wheatbelt NRM region using spatial data formats, organisational themes and data fields that are consistent with other NRM regions, data could be exported, shared and compiled across regional boundaries, providing a valuable mechanism for reporting activity at a range of scales across Western Australia.

    Investment: $ 58 000
    Delivery organisation: Wheatbelt Natural Resource Management Inc.
    Project duration: October 2016 - June 2018
    Location: Northam

    Project partners

    Northern Agricultural Catchments Council

    South West Catchments Council

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