15710: Development of the Busselton Naturalists Club website

    As one of the largest and most active NRM groups in rural WA, the Busselton Naturalists Club has used traditional ways of communication: newspaper advertisements and articles, and this grant has assisted in developing a website.

    The proposed website will have the Ambergate Reserve as its primary focus, but it will also be used to promote the full range of environmental issues in the region - management of the Vasse and Wonnerup Estuaries and associated waterways, protection of and revegetation of habitat for the endangered western ringtail possum, involvement in the Great Cockie Count and promotion of the use of cockatubes as artifical nesting hollows - all of these and similar issues will be available for publicising and promoting on the website.

    Investment: $ 2 200
    In-kind contribution: $ 2 600
    Delivery organisation: Busselton Naturalists Club
    Project duration: February 2016 - February 2017
    Location: Busselton

    Major project achievements

    The key achievement was the development and operation of a Club website which has:

    • reduced other Club expenditures on advertising and promotion
    • improved communication avenues with Club members
    • allowed non-members of the Club to more easily discover information about the Club
    • provided an alternative to members and non-members using Facebook to find out details about the Club, as many people are nervous about identity theft and other problems associated with Facebook.
    • allowed the Club to post their quarterly newsletter online from where it can be downloaded free of charge
    • begun a new way of recording the Club's history which hopefully will be available for future generations to access.

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