15732: Building NRM Capability of Small Property Owners in Denmark

    This project builds NRM capability in the small property and peri-urban sector in the Denmark area.  In this region, small properties less than 100ha down to the suburban block dominate the landscape, yet these landholders are not well targeted by traditional natural resource management (NRM) and catchment groups.  Small properties can have a significant impact on the broader environment, with water availability, land degradation and invasive plants, animals and dieback all recognised as potentially significant impacts.  This project will present a range of workshops/field days for small property landholders to build their capability in the areas highlighted above.

    Investment: $ 8 219
    In-kind contribution: $ 9 304
    Delivery organisation: Green Skills Inc
    Project duration: May 2016 - May 2017
    Location: Denmark

    Project partners

    Shire of Denmark

    South Coast NRM

    Wilson Inlet Catchment Committee

    Project contact details

    Green Skills Inc

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