15743: Knowledge for very keen environmental groups

    Two workshops were held to propogate native plants.
    Two workshops were held to propogate native plants.

    The City of Armadale Bushcare and Environment Working Group consists of representatives from 16 environmental groups including the Armadale Wildflower Society. They are very keen and committed volunteer groups that undertake work in the City's reserves and wetlands large and small. They identified the need to hold a workshop to learn about propagation of native plants as numerous local native plants species were unable to be purchased. They also identified the need to undertake basic first aid course to feel confident if an accident occurred during their activity days.

    Investment: $ 4 050
    In-kind contribution: $ 4 250
    Delivery organisation: City of Armadale & Bushcare and Environment Advisory Committee
    Project duration: April 2016 - April 2017
    Location: Armadale, Perth

    Major project achievements

    The project delivered:

    • a first aid training workshop consisting of three hours of theory and one hour of practical application;
    • two propogation workshops consisting of two hours of theory and two hours of practical training in the field;
    • two seed collection workshops where attendees received skills on how to propagate plants from seed and cuttings. 

    Various friends group are using the skills gained during the seed collection and plant propagation session. These skills involved collecting of plant materials for the purpose of propagation and future revegetation into the City's reserves. One group has invested in a propagation table/bench for their nursery where they can confidently propagate native seedlings for revegetation projects in the future.

    Project contact details

    City of Armadale Bushcare and Environmental Advisory Committee

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