15756: Upper Gascoyne Natural Resource Management Information Exchange

    Sharing information in the outback.
    Sharing information in the outback.

    This project aims to improve the capability of Upper Gascoyne rangeland managers to undertake on-ground work by presenting best practice NRM knowledge and ideas, and promoting discussion of them over time in order to achieve adult learning outcomes that lead to positive management change. The Upper Gascoyne NRM Information Exchange project will ensure that this vital knowledge is retained and shared within the Gascoyne community, so that the capability to undertake effective on-ground work and management is enhanced.

    Investment: $ 5 500
    In-kind contribution: $ 16 150
    Delivery organisation: Upper Gascoyne Land Conservation District Committee
    Project duration: May 2016 - June 2017
    Location: Gascoyne Junction

    Purpose of project

    To achieve effect knowledge transfer the Upper Gascoyne LCDC will undertake two main tasks: collate a library of relevant best practice rangeland management materials, and author a series of articles for local publication.

    The best practice library will consist of rangeland management papers, books, case studies and management recommendations. To ensure it is accessible and to promote its community wide use, the library will be kept concise and relevant to the region. To achieve this, the LCDC will use established contacts to consult rangeland management experts from across the country on the best publications to include. The library will be made available on-line, electronically on USB memory stick and in hard copy form, to the held at the Upper Gascoyne Community Resource Centre.

    To initiate and continue a NRM discussion the LCDC will publish a series of eight monthly newsletter articles throughout the project. These articles will be published in the shire newsletter, a hard copy of which is posted out to all Upper Gascoyne residents. The articles will also be offered to other regional bodies including Rangelands NRM, DAFWA, Gascoyne Catchments Group, neighbouring shires and LCDC's. Articles will cover NRM topics including; case studies, landscape function, erosion, vegetation management and conservative grazing management.

    The Upper Gascoyne Natural Resource Management Information Exchange project will record knowledge and promote the use of, best practice sustainable rangeland management. It will do this by recording best practice and lessons learnt in the region and by collating relevant arid rangeland NRM knowledge to ensure its easy accessibility. The planned newsletter articles will promote discussion and jog memories over the life time of the project and the NRM library will ensure that information remains locally available into the future.

    Project partners

    Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

    Rangelands NRM

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