16091: Managing Ngadju women's cultural places and inter-generational knowledge

    Water tree. Image courtesy of Vivien Dimer
    Water tree. Image courtesy of Vivien Dimer

    The project will support three generations of Ngadju women to care for places with important cultural and natural values. It will implement a series of 'Return to Country' trips, undertaken by Elders, and also middle and younger women, in collaboration with Ngadju rangers. The sites are yet to be finalised, but will be chosen by agreement between the women, with guidance from Elders, thus building women's engagement in the Conservation Action Plan. Sites will be inspected, conditions recorded, appropriate management actions agreed and implemented. Actions may include fire, weed and feral management, cleaning water sources, and documenting and strengthening cultural knowledge.

    Investment: $ 11 185
    In-kind contribution: $ 11 200
    Delivery organisation: Gondwana Link Ltd
    Project duration: March 2017 - December 2017
    Location: Norseman

    Project partners

    Ngadju Conservation Aboriginal Corporation

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    Gondwana Link

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