16092: Mitigating Rangeland Grazing Pressure through Modifying Animal Behaviour

    This project aims to improve rangeland condition by trialling and demonstrating various methods of modifying livestock grazing behaviour in order to mitigate over grazing effects in the rangelands. This will be achieved through the use of changes to animal handling and training, nutritional supplements and attractants, cues to those attractants and the use of various forms of fencing to direct animal movement.

    Investment: $ 31 500
    In-kind contribution: $ 41 800
    Delivery organisation: Upper Gascoyne Land Conservation District Committee
    Project duration: May 2017 - June 2018
    Location: Gascoyne Junction

    Project partners

    Pingandy Station
    Carey Downs Station

    More information

    Upper Gascoyne Land Conservation District Committee

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