16098: Monitoring Wellstead's changing watertable levels using district bores and piesometers

    This project aims to reintroduce farm water well and piezometer monitoring throughout the Wellstead District. In 1994 the Department of Agriculture and Food WA supervised the installation of water wells on farming properties within the district. Monitored by the landholders, a database was recorded by the Wellstead based Landcare Officer. In the last 12 months there has been a dramatic land use change in the district with the removal of over 15 million blue gum trees from the landscape. No bore readings have been carried out in the last ten years and new property owners do not know how to monitor the existing bores.  The project aims to locate all the historical water table records and join these up with new readings for the whole district. It will further socially refocus community attention on the importance of ground water and the possibility of changing levels with present land use changes and the possible long term influence of climate change. It will encourage new information and knowledge to be shared through educational workshops.

    Investment: $ 15 760
    In-kind contribution: $ 12 500
    Delivery organisation: Wellstead Progress Association
    Project duration: March 2017 - May 2018
    Location: Wellstead

    Project partners

    Wellstead Community Resource Centre

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