16704: Gondwana Link Gathering - 2017

    Gondwana Link gathering, 4-5 April 2017. Image courtesy of Amanda Keesing
    Gondwana Link gathering, 4-5 April 2017. Image courtesy of Amanda Keesing

    This two day event will bring together around 65 people representing the major organisations and key individuals involved across the 1000km of Gondwana Link.  The event will promote networking and collaboration between all of the groups to:

    • Share the lessons from what is working and what is not working;
    • Share new ideas and ways to implement them, including through specialist workshops to develop specific skills and capabilities for participants;
    • Improve the coordination of ongoing ecological restoration and protection work across Gondwana Link by building agreement on the shared approach and identifying the next key steps.
    Investment: $ 9 460
    In-kind contribution: $ 24 800
    Delivery organisation: Gondwana Link Ltd
    Project duration: October 2016 - April 2017
    Location: Albany

    Major project achievements

    • Cohesion: first and foremost the forum maintained the sense of collective achievement between groups working on separate projects that are widely dispersed geographically but still all contributing to a large common achievement. The networking clearly helped develop some new friendships and working arrangements.
    • Governance: the forum was a key time to float the needs for serious structural change, and to initiate dialogue on that that supports the groups thinking on their successes, limitations and needs, as well as putting the case for Gondwana Link to remain a transformational program.
    • Traditional Owners: representatives from the Ngadju Conservation Aboriginal Corporation and Nowanup Mooditch Boodja were able to attend and meet the other groups for the first time, and the presentations on work underway strengthened the broader understanding of successful indigenous support as an integral part of the Link.
    • Interchange: there were widespread group and individual discussions on a range of topics and techniques.
    • Technical excellence: though the decision was made during the forum to defer some of the more technical aspects, in order for structural discussions to be held, several technical improvements being developed were introduced with widespread discussion which is continuing.
    • Ongoing program: Gondwana Link Ltd agreed to undertake certain tasks for the benefit of all. This included revising the strategic plan and circulating to groups for feedback.

    Project partners

    Bush Heritage

    Conservation Council WA

    Friends of Porongurup

    Greening Australia

    Green Skills


    Oyster Harbour Catchment Group

    Project contact details

    Gondwana Link

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