16712: WA Biochar Network organisational development and website

    WA Biochar Network's website will be a valuable platform for building a community of learning in the local agricultural application of biochar. It will form a knowledge base of shared experience across a wide range of contexts from funded and private research, driving the confident adoption of biochar where it is economically and environmentally beneficial.

    Biochar use is in its infancy in Western Australia and trials are sprinkled throughout the state. A fully functioning WA Biochar Network will use its website to centralise local reports and provide links to global studies and instructional YouTubes, accelerating development of local guiding principles.

    Investment: $ 10 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 4 000
    Delivery organisation: Warren Catchments Council Inc
    Project duration: October 2016 - September 2017
    Location: Manjimup

    Project partners

    WA Biochar Network
    Manjimup Senior High School

    Project contact details

    Warren Catchments Council Inc

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