16714: Dolphin Fin Guide

    The project involves students from Jonh Tonkin College's Estuary Guardians program working with scientists from Murdoch University's Cetacean research department and Mandurah Cruises to create a visual Dolphin Fin identification guide.

    In 2016 the first guide was prepared with information about local dolphin population and printed with funds raised by students. To sustain the project, this grant will provide funding to cover the annual reprint of the guide. This guide is a fluid document, that will need to be updated each year with data on new dolphin births and new sightings.

    The Dolphin Fin Guide will be distributed to local schools, Mandurah visitors' centre and Mandurah Cruises.

    Investment: $ 2 830
    In-kind contribution: $ 2 000
    Delivery organisation: John Tonkin College
    Project duration: October 2016 - October 2017
    Location: Mandurah

    Project contact details

    John Tonkin College

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