16715: Mapping Landscape Change - 25 Years of Landcare

    Since 1989, Katanning Landcare has been working in partnership with farmers to reverse the trends of land degradation in the region. In this time, millions of trees have been planted, hundreds of kilometres of fence, and $10 million of grant funds have been spent on Landcare. The information from these projects has been kept on paper, or on computers using various tools, but  these old paper records and new geographic information system (GIS) maps have not been consolidated.

    This project will develop a single GIS database, providing a strategic planning tool and trained staff to ensure that future work can be undertaken effectively and efficiently

    Investment: $ 10 000
    In-kind contribution: $ 9 720
    Delivery organisation: Katanning Landcare (LCDC)
    Project duration: November 2016 - November 2017
    Location: Katanning

    Project contact details

    Katanning Landcare (LCDC)

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