16733: Monitoring the wildlife of the Ellen Brockman Region

    Encouraging landholders in the peri urban areas of the Ellen Brockman Region to become involved in land conservation activities can be challenging. One item which has proved to be successful in raising interest in protection of remnant vegetation has been the use of social media to display video clips of wildlife within the area. The interest is used to encourage landholders to take action to revegetate or protect natural areas which they own. The purchase of five motion sensor cameras in a heavy duty case will enable efficient deployment of the technology and provide protection of the cameras during transit.

    Investment: $ 1 995
    In-kind contribution: $ 23 600
    Delivery organisation: Chittering Valley Land Conservation District Committee
    Project duration: December 2016 - December 2017
    Location: Lower Chittering

    Purpose of project

    Five motion sensor cameras will monitor wildlife movements in the Ellen Brockman region. These cameras will be used in addition to the current cameras which are used to monitor the movements of feral pigs in the Chittering Valley. The footage will be used to produce video clips to be displayed on the Group's Facebook page and also in presentations which are made to various organisations including the Shire of Chittering and the City of Swan.

    In raising the affinity of peri urban dwellers with the protection of wildlife, recent video clips which have been posted to the Facebook page of the Chittering Landcare Centre have encouraged the development of an Echidna Watch and a Black Cockatoo Watch which will help assist with monitoring the success of revegetation and feral management programs. Use of the cameras will encourage further involvement and the placement of the cameras in both remnant areas and revegetation areas will display to the landholders the benefits of undertaking these sorts of projects.

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