Facilitation Resources

Basics of Facilitation

Basics of Facilitation. ARID Extension Training (2009)

Facilitation Skill Level Assessment

Facilitation skill levels assessment – assess your skill level and identify training opportunities. Ingrid Bens and Jossey-Bass, Inc. (2000)

Interpersonal Transformation

Facilitation skills for Interpersonal Transformation. Ron Kraybill

Cafe to Go

A quick reference guide to putting conversations to work. The World Cafe Community (2002)

Basic Facilitation Skills

Human Leadership & Development Division-American Society for Quality Association for Quality & Participation International Association of Facilitators (2002)

Heron Model

Basic styles available to the facilitator

8-Step Feedback Process

8-Step feedback process for facilitation. Ingrid Bens and Jossey-Bass, Inc. (2000)

Facilitation Essentials

Inspiring Teams and Engaging Leadership. Babelfish (2008)

Digital Stories

How to make digital stories for livestock production. Anne Stelling and Dr Joanne Millar, Institute for Land, Water and Society, Charles Sturt University, Australia (2009)

Dimensions & Models

Dimensions and models of facilitation: the 18 basic options. Heron, J. The Facilitators’ Handbook. Kogan Page, New York (1994)

Professional Learning

Facilitating professional learning. Department of Education & Training Northern Territory