Mentoring Resources


A user guide for mentoring. Andrew Huffer & Associates (2009)

Seven Fatal Flaws of Mentoring

Seven fatal flaws of Mentoring – and how to avoid them. Anne Rolfe, Mentoring Works

Mentoring Works

Everything you always wanted to know about mentoring programs. Anne Rolfe, Mentoring Works

Effective Mentors

How to be an effective mentor: 33 tips for beginners


Leadership and the art of mentoring. John C. Kunich and Richard I. Lester

Mentoring Made Easy

Mentoring made easy: a practical guide. Employment Equity and Diversity, Public Employment Office, NSW Premier's Department (2004)

Remote Mentoring

A Guide to Remote Mentoring. Dr Lynda Bourne, Mosaic projects (2007)

Going the Distance

Going the Distance: Virtual Mentoring . Human Capital Institute (2007)

Choosing a Mentor

Choosing a mentor: the starting point. Australian Institute of Management (2009)

Mentoring References

Mentoring references for further reading. Compiled by the Australian Institute of Management